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The War Memorial

One of the most prominent features of our Parish Church of St. Ignatius ' is the War Memorial, which used to stand at the foot of the Gospel Aisle (and is now in the recess in the West aisle.) Originally it took the form of a carved oak altar enshrining a picture of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, the original of which is in St. Alphonsus church in Rome. Below the altar is a representation of a burial casket with a commemorative shield in front of it.

The choice of this picture as the centre of our War Memorial is most appropriate. The image shows Our Lady already seeing in the distance the terrible instruments of torture awaiting her Infant Son. It thus recalls the agony of the Great War and the generous sacrifice made by 47 out of 150 of our young men in that war (and countless numbers since.) It was dedicated on the 15th August 1924.

At the same time it is a fitting refuge to everyone that sorrow and trouble harass in our own day. Here is kept a Book of Remembrance listing the relatives and friends of Parishioners; it is left open daily at the current date and prayers areoffered during the daily Mass for the souls of those named therein.

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