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Statue of St.Ignatius

His statue stands majestic in the church. Carved of wood and appropriately painted it was brought to our church around 1896. It is a replica of the statue in the Jesuit church in Farm Street in London. The original has head and hands of white marble with the rest a rare black marble called "polyphant." Standing on a malachite platform, the saint holds his book of exercises in his left hand and the clasps of the book are richly studded with carbuncles. Our own statue is not as intrinsically as valuable as the original but the uplifted hand and the AMDG " Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam " - for the greater glory of God - clearly shown on the book call us all to think of Heaven and show us the way.

The Prayer of St. Ignatius

Lord, teach me to serve You as You deserve,
To give and not to count the cost,
To fight and not to heed the wounds,
To work and to ask for no rest,
To labour and to ask for no reward,
Save that of knowing that I do Your precious will

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