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The Parish of St.Ignatius of Loyola
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The picture shows the Sanctuary as it is today after being remodelled by Mgr John O' Donnell. The tabernacle door and the original tabernacle are now in the Baptistery chapel under the Bell Tower.

The Great Rood above the altar shows the representation of the Crucifixion. The scene filled the three lancet niches above the altar and served as a reredos to it; executed on special quality birch plywood inserted into the openings, the work was carried out by the talent of a Glasgow artist named Miss Jessie M 'Geechan. Miss M 'Geechan, a native of Airdrie, was very skilful with her brush and her work adorned many a Catholic church in Scotland and enriched many homes with her creations.

The original work in St. Ignatius was erected in November 1920 as a memorial to a Mr. James Devlin who died 26th February 1919. The panels were removed in 1972 under the instructions of Monsignor John O ' Donnell and were used as a basis for the stained glass panels, which now occupy the niches above the High Altar.

They are lilluminated from behind in order to give the impression of being actual stained glass windows.

The two panels on the altar show pictures of the Last Supper and the Resurrection and with the Crucifixion above, remind us of the Triduum of the Church.

At this time, the sanctuary was remodelled with the new floor of Canadian Maple. And the walls panelled with Sapele Mahogany. A new altar, carved with the Last Supper represented on the front, wheat on one side and grapes on the other symbolising the sources of the Bread and Wine, was also placed at the same time. This enabled Mass to be said with the priest facing the people as decreed in the Second Vatican Council.

The Stained Glass Windows flanking the sanctuary.

The windows flanking the sanctuary show stained glass pictures of Saints Brigid, Patrick, Margaret and Andrew. At present no date is known for their installation but the windows of two inner windows showing St. Andrew and St. Patrick were installed at a different time from those showing St. Brigid and St. Margaret.

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