The Parish of St.Ignatius of Loyola
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A Tour of St.Ignatius

Entering the church through the front door, the first thing to catch the eye is the mosaic design in the floor or the vestibule showing a cross. There is also a statue of St. Patrick facing the entrance. The Church proper is of the Basilica design and the High Altar lies at the top of the main central aisle

Proceding down the East Aisle, the original Baptistery stands behind the glass doors and is now often used as a small Blessed Eucharist Chapel. From here is rung the Daily Angelus Bell since the Bell Tower rises high above this little chapel. Also sited here is the original tabernacle from the High Altar and the original door which stood in front of the tabernacle.

Carrying on round the corner, there is a side door which permits entry during those times when there is no main service taking place. Further down the aisle is another small chapel housing the War Memorial and then a Confessional. At the end of the aisle lies the Sacred Heart Altar.. Facing this is a statue of Our Lady Of Sorrows

At the side of this altar is a picture of Jesus crowned with thorns which was painted by one of our old Parishioners, Frank Bowie. Proceeding across past the High Altar, we come to the Lady Altar. A picture of the Holy Family hangs beside it.

Going back up this West Aisle, there is another Confessional and then a statue of the Little Flower of Jesus in another small side chapel. At the end of the aisle is a statue of St.Joseph and on the wall, a fine oil painting of St.Ignatius of Loyola - our Patron Saint

Looking down towards the main sanctuary again we can see two more statues facing us, on the left St.Ignatius and on the right, St.Anthony of Padua. Above us is the choir gallery, which once housed a fine pipe organ, installed by Professor Van Hecke, organist to the Belgian Royal Family and brother to our own Parish priest, Dean Van Hecke.