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Becoming a Catholic

R.C.I.A.(Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)

Adults who wish to become members of the Roman Catholic Church are welcomed to do so by joining the St.Ignatius R.C.I.A. Group. Joining this group is for adults who have not been baptised or who have been baptised in another Christian faith

The programme commences annually in August/September and lasts until Easter of the following year. It includes discussions, instructions in the Faith of the Roman Catholic Church, Catholic teaching, beliefs and practices, prayer and Scripture reading. This may take longer depending on each individual's needs and desires. Each meeting lasts approx. one hour , is held in the Convent of the dining room of the Parish House and ends with tea and coffee.

What happens during the programme?

The programme starts with discussions with the Parish R.C.I.A. TEAM; this lasts for a few weeks and is called the Pre-Catechumenate. The team consists of a number of Parishioners who will support and help you all the way through the programme. The discussions at this point will centre on our relationship with God, our journey to Him and our response to His call.

The Pre-Catechumenate is followed by the Catechumenate period lasting around 16 weeks and this time is spent with instructions on a wide range of issues in Catholic teaching, beliefs and presentations from Parishioners who have prepared discussions on particular issues.

At the end of the Catechumenate, you will be invited to the Rite of Election in the Cathedral in Motherwell where catchumens and candidates from all over the Motherwell diocese will be invited to join the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil.

Once you have entered the church at Easter, there is a shorter period called the Mystagogia during which you will be expected to reflect on the responsibilities which being a Catholic places on you.

Is a great deal expected of me? These big words seem a bit of a mystery

Don't worry. The team will make every effort to make you feel comfortable. You do not have to get involved in the discussions, but the experience of the team in previous years has shown that sooner or later, catechumens and candidates do join in and often the sessions are lively.

The most important thing is that you wish to join the Catholic Church and that you are sufficiently well-prepared to take on the Spiritual responsibilities as well as the practical responsibilities of being a Catholic. Although the team members will fully support you on your journey and help you to become acquainted with all aspects of life in our Parish, you may wish to choose your own sponsor or Godparent if you are not already baptised. This person could be a Catholic friend or neighbour or your husband/wife if you are already married to a Catholic.


Call Rev. Fr. Gerard H. Maguiness at 01698 296550 or Heather Johnstone to arrange the first step

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