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Rev. John Black

Rev John Black

Born in Glasgow on the 24th April 1824, John Black attended St. Mary's College at Blairs in Aberdeen and was ordained in Rome on the 21st May 1848, having furthered his religious education at the Scots College in Rome.

After only a short time as a curate in St. John's in Glasgow, in 1849 he was sent to open a new mission in Lanark, a territory which consisted of Lesmahagow, Carluke, Shotts, Crofthead and Newmains. He persevered on his own to attend the spiritual wants of this area for nearly eight years, until he obtained the assistance of Fr. John Mc Cay, of whom more anon. With such a large area to cover, it was fortunate that he was a man of robust constitution (apparently a twenty mile walk was no serious exertion.)

In 1855, he purchased ground in Carluke for a chapel and Fr. Mc Cay became it's first pastor when he joined Fr. Black in 1857. Carluke then became a separate mission.

The population around Wishaw was now growing rapidly and since Fr. Black had proved so very adept in opening new Missions, he was appointed to open the new Mission in Wishaw in 1859. Without chapel or chapel house. Fr. Black said Mass in a hall above the stables of the hotel at the corner of Main Street and Cleland Road and lived in a tenement. Within a year he was appointed the first pastor of St. Vincent's in Glasgow and was succeeded in Wishaw by Fr.John McCay in 1860. However St.Ignatius had not seen the last of him. He returned to assist Fr. Mc Cay for two years from 1887-9 and died as Parish Priest of Cardowan in 1904.

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